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The simplest form of craps dates from 11th and 12th centuries and has grown in popularity and complexity of the rules since. Craps can still be played anywhere with a pair of dice, but the casinos have made the game more fun and exciting adventure. Online craps mimics what entertainment and gives players the chance to learn and earn money in the casinos.

Craps - règles

Play craps with the simplest rules if you wish.

Craps - apprendre le jeu

Use the online craps to learn the game and get help and advice when required.

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Craps - dépôt

Test online games on free money site before making a real money deposit.

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Start winning at craps by using the bonus codes to our recommended sites.

Craps can be as easy as the players decide. No matter your skill level or your interest in strategy, online craps is a fun game.craps players have helped test the sites we finally recommended, and we've included bonus codes to help you start your adventure.

Craps online

Craps en ligne

The craps game seems to date back to the Crusades, during the 11th century. The bases were developed a game called hazard medieval English, French and renamed the toad play. The name comes from there, and was made popular by the French players. Eventually, craps appeared in America andbecause of its simplicity roll on a table or floor made him versatile. After being introduced in the casinos with formal rules, online craps casinos have developed and have significantly advanced the game. With incredible graphics and software, it is not difficult to understand why this is one of the most popular online games.

The French roots for craps allow it to keep its place in the public and in traditional casinos. The game, in its various forms, beyond the social and economic standards and attract more classes of people and players. Online craps emerged as developers of online gambling software has integrated the different layout options in a program by attaching to fun graphics. Today, everyone, players fromto European craps appreciate the ability to connect, learn the game and play at their convenience.

Craps is a game that deserves to be known: its rules are not complicated and it offers great opportunities for users.

Learn online craps is simple

Craps est simple

There are two basic phases craps, the phase of the launch and opening phase of the point, and there are several ways to bet during these stages. However, at its core, the online craps involves throwing a pair of dice, and then launch the same number in the second round to win. The pitcher throws the dice with a bet on the Pass Line or Do not Pass, which determines how numbers play. The different numbers grant a gain or loss to the players according to the pitcher hits the craps 2 or 3 or 12 or 7 or 11 (natural). Other numbers are then the point, and this sets the new line. online craps casinos explained the rules very simple for the players.

The best way to start playing is to use the Flash site to play a few games for free. Use the simplest variant, and strategy tips are provided to become familiar with the game. Then choose from one of the sites that ourcraps players helped classify for our recommendations, and obtain the downloadable version optimal game graphics and options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Craps is a must casino games. Before throwing the dice, read this FAQ: it will help you choose the ideal site.

Is the craps online legal?

In UK, all online gambling is legal, which means you can play craps on the online casino of your choice without breaking the law. It is possible to opt for acasino or to a foreign site legally.

Does it popular with surfers?

Craps wins less success with gamers as slot machines and other table games like blackjack and poker. Indeed, it is less known, and seems to intimidate Internet users. Yet it's a great game: the rules are not that complicated than that, and it offers a better chance of winning than many other games.

How to know which are the best craps sites?

Good online casinos focus on security, equity and quality of their games. As it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a reliable casino and a dishonest casino, we have tried and tested dozens of sites. Our selection will thus has the best craps web sites.

How to play for real money?

To play for real money and try to win the jackpot, you must first register on an online casino. Once you create your account, place them money: you can then play craps or any other game for real money.

How much money can you win?

You can win nice sums craps with jackpots totaling several hundred or thousand. The point to be winner in the long term is to manage your gambling capital with an iron hand.

Can you play online safely?

Yes, provided you have opted for a trusted site. The websites in our selection you say every guarantee secure and encrypted money deposits, protect your personal information and use quality software.

Are online craps games rigged?

Obviously a dishonest casino operator can totally faking his games of craps. That is why we must opt ​​for a reliable site, which guarantees non-fixing and fair games.